From Ours to Yours


From Ours to Yours, a title that started with a spoken-word piece. In its first iteriation the words began slowly, with projected images of the negative space of my brain scans flashing rapidly behind me. I invited and expected the interruptions from the audience but as always was unsure when they would come or what form they would take.

Excerpt from the Transcript: Me: Maybe I should consider, I should, I could, I might want to, I would be better off, Next time, think about doing it this way, she seems to do it another way Nica Ross from the audience: What are you talking about?Me: Not sure, Let me show you how I learned to; To hold To heat To make To understand To better flow To get more e (sliding technique used) effective To be more effective To understand  Rony Maltz from the audience: Can you start again?(Pause)Me: I was thinking maybe I should Consider Or maybe I could I should (pause) Have a more definable job -- Reconsider the timing of my (stutter) ma (stutter) sters—masters. Stephen Schuster from the audience: Where’s your baby?Me: Let me show you how he learned to To babble, To b (stutter) ump, To bath, To burb, To think, To understand, To fold, I was thinking maybe he s (stutter) hould, Maybe he should Is that warm enough, Hot enough, Long enough(Pause) Shhh (Stutter)