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7|G Realty is responsible for all activities and services related to the portfolio of commercial properties and development projects.

7 G Realty

With over 15 years of experience in real estate development and financial analysis, 7G Realty seeks to deploy capital towards value-add commercial projects as a principal and through external partnerships.

7G Realty looks to acquire core assets in major international U.S. cities as well as value add assets in various emerging markets throughout the United States. By utilizing a strong business background, a creative design aesthetic, and an extensive contact list of strategic relationships, our team is able to create unique value enhancing opportunities. 


7G Realty was founded in 2017 by Charles Jigarjian and Michi Matter Jigarjian. Together with partner Jon Krasner our portfolio has expanded in and outside of New York City with both commercial and development projects.


7G Realty seeks to deploy capital as a principal and through external partnerships. 

We seek partners who share our business and personal principles to create sustainable, socially responsible long term projects. 


Our projects include both residential and commercial buildings that responsibly engage community, environment and sustainability. 

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